The daily Suduko Fever

My Suduko fever started on a business trip to Singapore.
I had 12 hours flight ahead of me with nothing good to kill time with, that thought only made me uptight.

I left my book at home; Sleeping was something I am having troubles with, let alone on a plain, I kind of ran out of options.
I didn't know how lucky I was that Sebastian, an English guy, sat in the sit next to, we start to talk and in no time Sebastian revealed to me what Suduko is all about. I was fascinated!!

At first it seamed easy, the rules are pretty simple but as soon as we started it got harder. Sebastian and I were hooked and our flight became short and enjoyable.
Being a web designer, I have decided to promote this game and present it to whom it may concern - once you start, you're in, and you can't quit. It will "hunt" your mind any were and you will play it anywhere you can. I had the fever, how about you?
I might add, as a solitaire X edict, Suduko made a change in the way I think of think, I am willing to swear; I am much more focused and alert. Try this and you will sense it your self.

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Daily Suduko  
Suduko Instructions:  
" Fill in the grid so that every row,
every column, and every 3x3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9. "
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