Daily Sudoku History and Background:

Daily Sudoku, originally a Japanese game however some will say – Chinese.

Born at the 18 th century, (about 200 year ago) that just recently stormed the world and can be seen everywhere (good things takes time).

Its a fun puzzle dealing with numbers, but its not Math!! No basic knowledge needed and any one can play it - that is why it became a game for the whole family.

It can be played anywhere and any time and can be a great “time killer” (like waiting for a bus, at the beach or for the Dr's appointments).

The Sudoku is a puzzle yet a sophisticated one that can keep you intrigued for long time.

The qualifications needed to play Sudoku puzzle are none that is why any one can play it, how ever - patience, time and concentration can be in hand for addicts.

Perfection will come with practice.

You are welcome to visit us At www.daily-sudoku.com and learn some more about Sudoku and, why not, play for free and, then you will realize how it manage to hypnotize so many people in such short time all over the world.


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